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Pay Action for Members Burnt by Phoenix




As you are aware, we have been struggling for almost 2 years under the Phoenix pay system. The financial and emotional hardships faced by so many of us is inexcusable. If you or someone you work with experience pay issues, please draw their attention to the following:

Phoenix Question & Answers/ Actions

1. Did you receive no pay on pay day?

Action: Immediately speak with your manager/supervisor (section 34 delegated authority) to request an Emergency Salary Advance or Priority Payment (Maximum 48 hours turn around)

2. Have you recently returned from long term sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, transfer "in" or on a "gradual return to work"?

Action: Confirm with HR that all necessary entries/updates have  been completed. Prior to your return, schedule a meeting with your manager/supervisor prior to your return to confirm all authorizations are entered into the system and processed before you return to work.

3. Did you not receive your full entitlements, for example, overtime, acting pay, northern allowance, allowances etc.?

Action: File a Pay Action Request (PAR) Form and request that your manager/supervisor process a Priority Payment for your missing entitlements. (Processing of extra-duty pay, outside of the Priority Payment option, may take up to  a year at the Pay Centre)

4. What if there is no obvious answer as to why your pay was affected?

Answer: If there is no obvious explanation as to why you have not been paid your full entitlements, file the PAR and review TRACKMYCASE through Compensation Web Application. Ensure that management is trying to discover the reason for the problem as well. Escalate the matter to your local Pay Advocate who will then work with our Component (Union of National Employees) to  help escalate the issue on your behalf.

As a last result, I encourage you to contact your local Member of Parliament in order to have your pay issue escalated. MPs have contacts apart from public enquiry lines and will ensure your case receives the attention it deserves. Click here to find your local MP by entering your postal code (as seen below).


In solidarity,


Chelsea Cameron
Pay Advocate - Local 20150

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