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Summary of Tentative Agreement for PA Group



On December 17, 2016, a tentative agreement was reached for the PA group.

Download the PDF summary with all the details of the agreement  here.


Appendix B - Rates of Pay

Basic economic increase:

Effective June 21, 2014: 1.25%

Effective June 21, 2015: 1.25%

Effective June 21, 2016: 0.5% wage adjustment

Effective June 21, 2016: 1.25%

Effective June 21, 2017: 1.25%

$650 signing bonus


Article 37 - Sick Leave

The sick leave articles of our collective agreement will remain unchanged. The parties have negotiated a Memorandum of Agreement to establish a Task Force to develop recommendations on measures to improve employee wellness and reintegration of employees.


PSAC's four principles are included in the MOA:

1) sick leave provisions will be contained in the collective agreement,

2) provide for wage replacement,

3) protect and grandfather sick leave banks, and

4) will not be administered by a third-party provider.


Personal and Volunteer Leave can each now be split into two periods.


And much more, click on the link above for all the details.


Congratulations and thank you to our bargaining team for all your hard work, especially to Sargy Chima (left in photo above) and Tracey Cochrane (third from left), local bargaining team members who have come to our office during lunch-hour sessions to update members on the bargaining process.


Stay tuned for when and where information meetings and the ratification vote will take place.


PS: more 2017 PSAC calendars are ready for pickup on top of the earthquake cabinet through 1101.

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